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Let me start by saying that We love what We do. Indian weddings are the most fantastic occasions, full of energy, vibrancy and dazzling colors. They are wonderful family events that are just bursting with emotion and they are a joy to photograph & video.  Each Indian wedding is a hectic, exhilarating, whirlwind that can last for many days, but the response We get from the couples, our photograph & video  is the greatest reward.


The challenge for the modern wedding photographer  is no longer about just having pictures to put in an album. Today the challenge is to capture the essence of an occasion; to accurately and successfully document one of the most momentous celebrations in a couple's life. It is to provide a photographic record that not only immediately delights, but continues to delight for years to come.


Experience has shown me that trust is critical. Our style and approach is totally unobtrusive, not directing or dictating the day. Like a good waiter, who will fill your glass without you noticing, We are to take our pictures by drawing as little attention to our self as possible. This is where experience and being prepared pay huge dividends. By understanding the structure of the ceremonies and by having researched the venues I'm able to anticipate my shots in advance and can ensure I'm perfectly placed and ready to capture the moments.


Each image and video  needs to be a beautiful composition in its own right but it must also record the essence of the moment. Many of the Indian weddings I've documented are noisy, lively, bustling celebrations. They're filled with color and life, warmth and joy and it's so vital to capture it all. I aim to capture for posterity the images and videos that people remember; the glance to the side, the nervous smile, the natural beauty and those delicate finer touches that have been so long in the planning.


we're a visual storytellers, we wants everyone who looks at our creativity to enjoy them for what they are, but for each couple we wants  my photographs to spark even more wonderful memories.                                                                                                                                                          © 2000 by Story Tellers